Individual Counseling Sessions
Individual sessions are offered both in person and by phone. Either may include ...

ENERGETIC HEALING - removing blocking energies from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. What painful blocks are you carrying?

TRANSFORMING NEGATIVE PATTERNS - identifying and changing patterns of thinking, feeling and acting which perpetuate pain. These may include mental programs such as perfectionism, criticalness, resistance to change, and poor self-image, to name only a few. These patterns derive from our own life experiences, along with those we acquire from our family,culture, and the combined collective human experience. What "negative pattern programs" are you running and how do they affect your enjoyment of life?

UNDERSTANDING YOUR ROLE IN HELPING THE PLANET AS YOU TRANSFORM YOURSELF - every Light-inspired choice we make contributes to the good of the Whole. Do you know the important role of your Journey?

CONNECTING WITH YOUR INNER CHILD AND HIGHER SELF - each aspect of ourselves offers invaluable wisdom and guidance. What would yours want you to know?

ACCESSING THE LOVE AND WISDOM OF DIVINE BEINGS (i.e. ANGELS, SPIRITUAL MASTERS) - we are never alone in our Journey! These wonderful Beings are delighted to be asked to help us. How could your life be enhanced with their gentle, Light-hearted assistance?

BEING IMMERSED IN A STATE OF ONE~NESS - this is our natural state. How would it feel to re-experience that peace and joy?

What You Can Expect from a Transformational Counseling Session

If you come in person to A Place of One~ness, you may either sit or lie on a healing table (since this is not massage, you stay in your street clothes.) If we are speaking by phone, you will find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.

We will discuss issues you want to "work on" but, it's not about "The Story", and what we do isn't really "work"! Instead, holding the intent of positive transformation, the two of us move into a gentle, playful, and receptive meditative state to connect with the Zero Point Field. That Field holds the answers.

You may feel energy tingling or surging through your body; you may see images; you may hear messages; you may find yourself laughing and/or crying; you may or may not know in that moment exactly what is changing. But you will know that something is!

My role is to stay at your side as guide, facilitator and interpreter of events, holding the space and sharing whatever comes to me. Sometimes I suggest certain activities (i.e. "Let's put a pink bubble around that negative energy and send it to the Light"). At other times I may move energy with my hands around your body. I will often invite your Inner Child and Spirit Guides to join us (with your permission). Always, I will relay what messages or insights come to me.

More and more these days, I'm likely to simply ask: "So what's happening now?" What clients report is generally equally surprising to both of us! It might be an unexpected approach to a "problem"; sometimes it's a focus on an issue we hadn't intended to address. Because it is inspired and directed by a Higher Intelligence, these sessions are especially powerful since no left brain logic is involved to side track or slow down the process.

Nothing about these sessions is predictable or "ordinary". Each one reflects a higher and deeper intelligence and creativity than we normally access. And each session is profound.

Please call to schedule an appointment (518) 371-0579. Sessions are one hour in length with a requested donation to A Place of One-ness of $65.00.
A Place of One-ness