Horses and energy work!! I'm learning it's an unbeatable combination. Why?

The real power that creates our lives, lies in the unconscious. When beliefs, assumptions, cultural influences, ancestral leftovers, etc., are aligned with our left brain, we like to think we direct our lives with our intellect. Not so! What about those pesky patterns that we don't like that keep reappearing?!

ENERGY WORK is potent, in part, because it works with those non-conscious aspects of self. It shifts energetic patterns - at every level (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical). All when we're not looking!

HORSES are potent energy holders and transformers because they live in the world of the non-verbal, intuitive, feeling ... the Inner and Higher Wisdom.

Energy Work For Horses is rewarding because they respond so well to it. They clearly communicate their enjoyment and gratitude for the shifts they experience.

Energy Work With Horses (in the presence of) is potent because they hold the space and help move energy. Many a time a gentle nose has helped guide a human to an enlightened insight, or helped a human to feel love and compassion which was impossible to let in from other humans. Horses have been observed "taking on a pattern" (of an irritating Mother, for example) to release the dark, sticky energy associated with that relationship; or acting out the journey of a young child going off to school for the first time, so Mom could more easily let go of her fear around that milestone; or playing welcoming hostess, changing the human's pattern of feeling shunned or unwelcome in groups. Subtle shifts, but very potent. Watching herd dynamics brings awareness of "human herd" behviors, motivations, experiences.

In so many ways, human healing sessions are amplified when in the presence of horses.

To learn my history with horses and philosophies about our connection with all animals, please read two articles under Articles: Nature.

Horse workshops are held regularly at local farms and may be offered at other locations upon request.

Sample workshops:

- Energy Healing for Horses and Humans Workshop, held at RoseWal Farm, Gilboa, NY

- Healing with Horses, held at Peaceful Acres Horses, Pattersonville, NY

Private consultations for either, or both, horse and human are available. This work is co-facilitated by Avis Burnett and Susan Aleksejczyk of RoseWal Farm. Contact either for more information or to make an appointment.
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